The general rules on a site

Confidentiality declaration

The real declaration is the official statement of the Arctic-Energy Management company limited liability company entering into Arctic-Energy group of companies («Arctic-Energy» croup of companies), about strict and unconditional observance by all enterprises of Arctic-Energy Group of a principle of confidentiality concerning any, received from our clients, information and documentation.
"We undertake to do everything from us depending, to undertake all necessary and possible precautionary measures in order that information entrusted us by the client, didn't become property of the third parties, including state authorities, without preliminary on that of a consent of the client, except for cases directly provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation. We undertake to use received information only in interests of the client, only for achievement of the defined purposes coordinated with it; under no circumstances not to use it to the detriment of the client.
We guarantee safety all client of documentation transferred to us.
In case of non-compliance the with real declaration by us, we are ready to bear all completeness of responsibility, not only agrees to the legislation existing in the Russian Federation, but also according to standards of business ethics accepted in our country".

Legal aspects of using site


1. Website use

The website (site) is a property of UK Arctic-Energy Limited liability company entering into Arctic-Energy group of companies and is protected by copyright and the right to databases. The user has the right to unpack separate articles or pages for personal use or with a view of noncommercial information search in the organization of the user. Any forms of distribution or placement in wide access any (unpacked or electronic) contents of this website without preliminary written consent of JSC UK of "Arctic-Energy" are forbidden.

2. Responsibility restriction

Information presented on a site, is intended for the general acquaintance of users with questions which can represent for them interest. Despite aspiration to provide the maximum accuracy and an urgency of materials, the probability of a mistake isn't excluded. Besides, the site can contain references to concrete laws and regulations. As they are periodically edited, they should be treated only in a context of a concrete situation.

The maintenance of this site is provided without any guarantees concerning their completeness, accuracy and timeliness, and also without assurances, guarantees or any other straight lines or meant contractual conditions. JSC UK of "Arctic-Energy" doesn't guarantee that this site, the various services rendered with its help, and/or other information, the software or other materials loaded from a site, will be authentic, actual, working smoothly, correct, full and won't contain viruses or other harmful components.

Information presented on this site, can't be considered as professional recommendations or services in the field of the right, and other services rendered by group of companies. Before making any decision, you should address for consultation on your questions to the specialist of Arctic-Energy Group or other professional adviser familiar with features of your concrete situation.

3. Privacy policy

JSC UK of "Arctic-Energy" can use personal information of users in connection with granting services by it and the relevant information (for example, data on planned actions, actions), and also for the purpose of the message of changes in the legislation and for the direction of invitations to participation in the relevant activities and training seminars.

Any information which is automatically read out as a result of visit by users of a site, including sequence of viewing, is used in the aggregated mode (without identification of certain users) for the purpose of control of the relations with the supplier of web services and the Internet traffic on a site. JSC UK of "Arctic-Energy" guarantees that no files of the cookies format are used by it for collection of information about users of a site.

JSC UK of "Arctic-Energy" undertakes to open personal information of users to only the assignees and the service providers who are carrying out data processing from her name, and also the enterprises entering into Arctic-Energy group of companies. In case of participation of users in the actions which are organized or carried out by Arctic-Energy group of companies, JSC UK of "Arctic-Energy" has the right to open information of users to other persons participating in the organization of such action. Visiting a site and providing «Arctic-Energy» JSC UK the personal information, users of a site agree on processing of such personal information with a view of the organization and carrying out the actions organized by JSC UK of "Arctic-Energy", and also with a view of the direction to visitors of information on actions of group of companies and information letters concerning changes of the legislation and/or other information.

4. Reference system

«Arctic-Energy» JSC UK in a direct form forbids the following actions with network links which can be regarded as violation of the rights to a trademark, and also copyright: establishment of links to any pages of a site, except for main (, except cases when the company gave the direct consent to other actions; establishment of the links providing unauthorized use of our logo; a freyming and meta - tags.

JSC UK of "Arctic-Energy" doesn't bear any maintenance responsibility, accuracy of information and safety of any Internet sites connected (by means of a hyperlink or otherwise) with this site.

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